Neli Rumora is one of the first advocates and founders of Robinson tourism on the Adriatic. He's been family engaged in tourism from an early age, and with boat excursions independently since 1986. In 1998, the ship "Robinzon" was ordered, which we still use today. It was made according to designs by the owner, lover of shipbuilding, and the entire cabin and upper infrastructure is made by hand.


Through renting boats, various excursions with smaller boats and fishing - by hard joint efforts, persistence and the love for what we do, we came to what we have and know today.


We're now trying to convey and show that to you!


We are proud that Robinzon is a family success since we built in it the love for the sea and our island... That's why we insist on a friendly and relaxed atmosphere on board and strive to give everything in our power so you could feel the part of our family!


Pag is known for many beauties, but some hidden peculiarities are still waiting to be discovered!

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